I'm having an issue with the home button on an iPhone 7 after replacing the screen. The touch ID works but the home button does not. I thought it may have been the screen and or button, but I swapped a screen and button that work on another iPhone 7 with this one and it wasn't working either. 

Tried restarting the phone etc but this didn't help. The software version on the working one is 13.3 and on the non-working one is 13.3.1. 

Can anyone help? 
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The home button is linked to one model , it cannot be changed to another phone ... It has to do with phone security...
(It only works on this device) ...
Removing the button from the screen was not damaged flex cable ? If not, then I recommend washing the home

button with a large amount of water and dry well (example a bath - it's not a joke dirty sweat is under the button) ...
And as well as a home button diagram ... (diogram compatible with ipon8 as well) ...

Read it -

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