my name is timo im 15 years old and from the netherlands.
i was bulding pc's for quite some time, i just didnt see a challange anymore i wanted something new, so i began looking online and found replacebase.
i want to build an iphone 7, 
if you would help me with 1 thing, that is 
- say if i need any skills or special tools.
- what parts i need for a complete iphone 7
- and how much that will cost me
i dont really care if for example if the screen is not oem becouse it is just for my personal use (thinking there is prob not a difference in oem and non-oem other then the quality)
so if you would give me that info i would really like that.
sorry for my bad english.
thanks for reading!
~ Timo
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Hi Timo,

Firstly good for you for wanting to learn and the best way to learn is through experience.
Ok, Iphone 7 is probably not a good place to start. Parts will be a lot more expensive than for older models and also quality of the screen is very important. Cheap screens seem to be a big problem with Iphone 7 home button not working.

I don't know what the cost would be to build an iphone 7 but the logic board in any Iphone will be the most expensive part.
So I would suggest maybe using your money to buy maybe an Iphone 5 or 6 which is working and learn how everything is put together.
Once you know this then you will have a better understanding of whether your idea is going to work or not.

If you want to understand what is involved in taking an iphone to pieces and putting it back together again then there are some good you tube videos on the subject and also you can go to ifixit.com for detailed guides on how the process is done and what tools are used.
Hope this helps,
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Mend My iPhone
Worth reading fixit.com teardown guides too as you'll learn what the components are for as you remove them. Some of the guides are better than others and Youtube is also good for actually seeing things in a action. Be selective as there is a lot of rubbish on youtube.

The ifixit guides often point out the dangers and the 'must not' do things you may miss when first atttemting something.

Hope that helps you in some way.
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