Hi all. I have recently replaced a cracked screen on a 6s with a Replace Base one, I tested the screen before closing it up and it seemed to work fine so closed it up only to find that I was getting a black screen with a white horizontal bar along the top when powered on.
I opened it up again, checked the cables were all seated properly. I thought a cable may have been trapped when closing but can’t tell if that is the case or not. I closed it up again and the same thing again, tested before closing - working, closed up - not working. I’m hoping it’s something stupid that I’m just not seeing and that somebody can point me in the right direction to get it working properly.
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I have similar problems with N o k i a 8 phone , the screen is with me but I can't send you a photo ...
Problem - testing works normally , when i install it on phone half of the screen is black and white
it looks like the TV has lost signal ... I removed the screen, turned on the phone and folded the cable
and it started working properly ... This is a manufacturing defect ... The seller did not object to its
replacement ... (problem with flex lcd cable) ...

nok.jpg  flex.jpg 

In short - this is a manufacturing defect , contact Rb
Will help you and solve the problem , trust ... There will be no problem ...

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Thanks Andree27
I will try and have a closer look at the cables and see if they are the problem.
I don’t think Rb will be able to help as I bought the screen a few years ago when the phone belonged to my sister (I don’t think she could bear to be parted with it long enough for me to fix it).
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sounds like one of your ribbon cables is shorting out when your closing the phone. Make sure there are no soldered joints exposed on the cables. if so put some tape on it then close it.
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Buy a new one I understand that this is not a problem for you and me if there is a problem with the phone ...
Fix it so that this defect no longer occurs there is no chance ...
You will not fix this defect on your own , me neither ... Delivery will not be long , it will take no more than
an hour to change the screen ... And the sister will be happy !
You see here the cable is not scratched , all cable cores are intact ... Fastening with glass is bad ...
(sounds like , there has been a blow is lost glass built-in contact , because it does not work when pressed into
the housing , it is not repairable )

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