Hi all, new here so go easy with me!

Put my 6s down while out walking/fishing and it started sliding off a rock. When I grabbed it quickly I think I must have jammed it against the rock and caused damage.

Screen had some weird lines on it initially bit they have gone now. No cracks to the top screen. LCD looks to have bled and the colour has a distinct blue hue to it on most of the screen. 

Phone is generally playing up a little, ringer volume changing on its own. Rear camera not working, Flashlight not working. Asking Siri to turn on flashlight, give this reply that its already on. Asking turn it off, Siri says its already off!

Could this be all caused by a damaged LCD/digitizer or have is it time for a new phone?

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Also I can see a faint white line, like a crack near the top left corner of the phone. Line is behind the glass. Top glass is not damaged in any way.
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Hi Daniel, sorry to hear about the damage to the device. Have you managed to open the device up at all to check the parts inside as it is possible smaller components could also be damaged, bent or knocked out of placed with the impact or the device slightly dented.

From the issues you are describing i feel this could be more than simply a damaged LCD, but then again sometimes a faulty parts can cause all sorts of problems, so i can't definitely rule out that a LCD replacement would not resolve this. Fingers crossed this is the case, but it would be worth taking a look inside the device if at all possible.
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