question for fellow repair companies.

I have an iPhone 6S in for repair, sent to me as a post in repair.

initially the customer ordered the repair as a rear camera repair with a prior DIY attempt on removal of the glass lens and ring, customer advised that some damage might have been caused / scratch to the rear camera.

I only get part of the story here, I'm sure you fellow repairers know what I mean.

I call the customer, it turns out the customer removed the glass lens / ring without removing the rear camera or screen ... so looks like a razor job from the back.

He told me before posting to me that he's collected it from his daughter and the glass lens and ring are totally off now, leaving the rear camera exposed.

I've ordered 2 glass lens / rings from RB, they seem ok but no film protector over the glass lens, some minor marks but can't 100% say they would cause an auto focus issue.

I ordered a new camera from another trusted supplier, so I'm at the point where the rear camera won't auto focus at close range and seems a bit more blurry compared to my own personal iPhone 6S.

I tried the customers old rear camera, I get the same issue!

I really dislike taking on these DIY jobs when customers try a repair in the first instance, then pass it on to a company to brainstorm it.

now I might be unlucky here with the replacement rear camera and it's a coincidence that the customers camera won't focus due to it being previously exposed.

anyone else had this issue on replacing the rear glass lens & camera together?

thanks in advance.
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Right, got to the bottom of this now.

i tried my rear camera from my own iPhone 6S, same issue!

i have removed the glass lens from the RB ordered part, rear camera works perfect without this in place, including the camera ordered from other supplier.

looks the glass is bad from RB, disappointing to say the least.

ill contact them for a refund.
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The problem 

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Resolved this issue in the end, RB refunded the X2 lenses I purchased from them, thank you! 

Purchased a new lens from another supplier, auto focus now fine! 
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