Does anyone know if you can buy the mounts that accepts the screws onto the logic board? I have sheared the NFC mounting hole and would like to replace the mount which i think is soldered onto the logic board. when looking for replacement boards the mount doesn't seem to be there. I may be wrong and would welcome any advice. 
Will the camera work without this being earthed / bonded to the logic board? 

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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
What model iPhone? Im a bit confused but think I get you.  You mean you have knackered the threads on the screw mount on the logic board, yes this is soldered on however never seen them for sale.  Just take off a donor board if you have 1 alternatively see if you can use a real thin bit of wire and put into the hole and screw in the screw, this will act like a spacer between the screw & housing.  Or just use a bit of glue.  Whats a NFC?  I believe the cameras will work fine just only with the flex cables connected.  
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Hi Thanks for the reply. All of which I had considered and if I had a donor board that would have been my first option.
The donor boards i have seen for sale do not have the mounts fitted.
I believe NFC is the front camera, according to youtube anyway. 
The phone is a 6S, as per the title and yes i had sheared the mount / screw receptacle. 
I decided to continue with the build and complete the phone and the camera does work as it should. I can imagine that it not being bonded to the logic board may cause issues but until i can find a replacement it will have to do.
Thanks for the reply
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NFC (near field communications) is the circuit that deals with contactless payments.
If the screw mount is the same size as the ones on the LCD shield and you have the tools necessary PM me your details and I'll put one in the post to you.
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Thanks for the reply. I will message you
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