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Hi all

Had a customer pop back in today with a video of their iPhone 6S that we replaced the screen on last week.  Randomly going crazy, and from what I can see, it looks to be Force Touch getting activated at random.

Checked connections etc, all look good under a microscope.  Reseated and replaced adhesive securing the screen frame to chassis.  One of my repair guys missed out the adhesive, and I've read elsewhere that this holds the screen steady which can sometimes be the cause of erratic Force Touch.

Anyone had this issue before??

I know cheap copies are naff and the only way forward is with OEM.  This one is from the good people here at RB, and first time I've witnessed any drama with a 6S, despite many moaning about the repairability of them via a quick Google Search.  

Going to send her packing again to see how it behaves, and if not, replace it.  It's behaving for us right now, so one of those difficult situations where you have to fix something when it's working fine... lol

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I have used RB for some parts in the past and I also use another supplier, not ordered a 6S from RB but from talking to my other supplier he advised they did have issues with the force touch on some screens, mostly been resolved now on quality screens and OEM 

if your customer comes back, chances if it's an intermittent issue it won't go away get RB to swap out the screen.

ive had some issues with the 6S screen and the Touch ID not working, suspect long flex cable on the back of the backlight, fitting another screen resolves that.
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