hi all
Ive just changed a Screen on an IPhone 6 and have transferred across the original home button, all working fine except it now says ‘unable to activate touch ID’ ?

ive now changed the original backplate as well onto the new screen and the problem still persists ?

any ideas please anyone ? Tried reset etc
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you have damaged the button flex. 
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You’ve probably snagged the cable I’m afraid - it will work as a back button even if there is a minute tear or crease on the flex cable. However any crease or tear in the home button flex will render your Touch ID inoperable as each data line that runs into the home button has to be seen by the cpu hence why only apple and some 3rd party companies can fix that issue.

You could of also snagged the back plate where the home
Button connector sits into the motherboard. Less likely from experience however, they are quite robust.
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As above - no matter how many times I see this enquiry, or how many times I hear people say "I took the button off without any problems and it was working ok before", it's the same result I'm afraid. If you've replaced the backplate too, then the button is most likely damaged. One thing to try (but this is the last shot attempt) is to try another screen. I have seen this before on the iPhone 6 screens where the touch ID won't work if the screen is faulty. I'm not sure how this can happen as the screen and button don't come attached, but I have seen this before.


Or... just try the original button on the old cracked screen. If it's not working on the old screen then I'm afraid it's damaged.



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