I have carried out four repairs to my iPhone 6 all at the same time. I replaced the home button, the broken main camera lens and the earpiece speaker due to poor sound level. (This did not improve the situation but it is a know problem with many iPhone 6s.) Finally, I replaced the battery.

All was fine except that the power on/off switch on the side of the phone no longer works, although it was fine before the repairs. I have checked the seating of the various ribbon cables that I had to disconnect to carry out the work. They all seem to be properly seated in the right sockets.

Does anyone please have any idea what the problem could be, and perhaps which particular cable could have this effect.

 Many thanks,


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5 Days ago...Hope it's sorted for you.

The cable from the On/Off goes under the top end of the battery and has a connector onto the logic board, the right one of the two. Two physical problems can occur. The connector damaged or simply a poor connection or the cable damaged whilst removing the battery.

Does the Phone start up/Boot up when you connect the charge cable to the lightning port ? If it does, then that leaves you with a possible Logic Board problem, the On/Off Cable, Connectors or the Button itself.

I would either replace the cable or check it out fully. A good visual inspection of the traces under a microscope and check the connectors in Diode mode against a known good..(if you have a test phone available).

Do you get continuity or good Diode reading between the button and the connector ?

For the Logic Board I have no idea and would have to look up the is very unlikely

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Many thanks for your help Mike, much appreciated. Your analysis is just what I needed to direct me further.

The phone boots up fine when connected to the charger so I think the most likely solution is the cable itself or its connection(s). For the button itself to be the problem seems too much of a coincidence, as it was working fine.

I will check the the cable and its connectors as best I can, as you suggest.  The connection to the logic board seems a prime suspect. I was very careful when replacing the battery but I could easily have nudged that out of place without noticing.  I haven't had a chance to to do this yet but I will report back as soon as I have.

It is a bit of a pain to completely replace the cable but of course the phone can still be rebooted via Assistive Touch when needed, so at least I can do that if necessary when time permits.

Thanks again.

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Best of luck...When you change the battery, it sounds like you leave the logic board in place. I remove it, a bit of a pain, but then there is no chance of damage to it and you get a flatter approach to the battery for removal.
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