Hello everyone 

This is my first post here, but I have been checking this board for a while. 

I'm hoping someone may be able to offer some advice on a problem I am experiencing with an iPhone 6 Plus. The phone was fully working except for the home button so I ordered a replacement button from The Replace Base and attempted to install it today. This is not the first time I have done this and have replaced different parts in many iPhones before, having experienced no issues. The home button replacement went fine. I was very careful and cautious as I usually am and disconnected the battery before removing the screen to install the button. 

Upon reassembly, I now have solid lines vertically and horizontally across the entire display (see photo). I have checked that all the connectors are firmly in place as they should be several times, but still the lines remain. The phone otherwise appears to be functioning. The buttons work, it takes charge, makes sound when I call it etc, but no display and it also seems that the touch screen is not responding. 

I tried installing a different screen I have, which is cracked but working, but to no avail..... I still have lines!!! Now I fear this may be a board problem. Seems strange that the phone was functioning perfectly fine before. Has anyone else ever seen the same thing? Any help would be VERY much appreciated at this point!
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You have more thank likely pushed the screen back too far when you opened it, if goes past 90 degrees at the very most there is a high likelyhood you'll start to pull the lcd cable away from the screen itself.
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Thanks for the reply. To give an update, I installed a new complete front assembly ordered from Replacebase and VERY carefully installed it. The new screen now displayed as it should, but I still had no touch function! This was fixed by installing the new screen again and making sure all the connectors firmly "clicked" in to place like they should before reassembly. Phone seems to be functioning fine now. Panic averted!
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