I've been having trouble with the flash on my iPhone 6 for a little while now.

When I turn the torch on it will stay on for about 10 seconds before turning itself off. If I try again it may last 5s, then 2s until eventually it just flashes on then off immediately.

If it is then left for a while it will go back to the 10s.

I have tried restarting the phone and a full reset as a new phone.

I am thinking about replacing the battery, rear camera and flash ribbon cable.

What do you guys think?
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what happened just before you started to experience this, has the phone been opened before, has the screen been removed, can you see any signs of pry damage, was the battery disconnected first.

It may be as simple as a new flex for the flash and I would certainly look at replacing that first given how cheap it is
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Thanks for the reply. 

Ive had it since new and it has never been opened before. 

I have since replace the battery (it wasn't great anyway) the flew cable and the camera.

As you say the parts are expensive so rather than risk opening it a few times I just replaced all three at once.

It now works perfectly. I know this doesn't help with exact diagnosis but I wanted to let you know seen as you took the time to post.

Thank you

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