I seem to spend more and more time repair the childrens phones.  Thankfully I've got some great parts and advice from here.

My daughter has dropped her 5S again and cracked the screen.  It still works so i'm assuming that its just the glass and not the digitizer that needs replacing.

Is it possible to change the glass only ?
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Simple answer is no.
It can be done but needs specialist equipment to separate the cracked glass from the LCD and bond the new glass into place and it's not cheap, especially compared to the cost of a new 5S screen
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Thanks for the reply, that was my fear
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As said you would need proper equipment to do this, it's time consuming and without experience you could risk damaging the LCD under the glass.

it's best to just buy the complete screen, majority of repair businesses won't offer glass only and certainly not in 30 minutes!

I have never wanted the hassle, I value my time too much to even consider doing this.
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Given the cost of replacement screens for iphone 5s, its not worth it. You can do it the diy way, but cost for the glass and the associated materials/tools to separate the glass from the lcd would cost as much as a replacement display assembly and would probably would take about 1-1.5 hours to do. To do it professionally, would take a lots of investment in both time and and money.
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I spent a few thousand pounds on the proper equipment for glass only repairs and even with the proper equipment it takes time and practice as technique is just as important however that being said with screen prices as low as they are just now just buy a complete screen
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