Hi guys [wink]


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but.....


I've done a bit of micro-soldering in the passed so i thought i would attempt this repair.


I've stated gently scraping at the board so that i can see the tracks but I'm a bit unsure if I've gone too deep as from the pictures and videos I've seen online they seem to go very deep.


here is a couple of pictures sowing both screw holes:




And this is the board looking at it with the naked eye:


As you can see i gently removed to top coating (black) but now there's the copper layer and im unsure if i should keep going as there is a kink of look of some tracks but then this could just be the effect of remove the top layer.



So have i gone too far or should i keep digging ?


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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
You need to scrape all the black off and stop at the copper, dont go any further.  its the copper tracks you need to repair if broken.  Its easy to mess up and damage the copper tracks.  its a hard job so go very carefull.  ideally need a 90x zoom lens, 45x maybe managable. 
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If you are serious about attempting lsd repairs then I would suggest purchasing a zxw usb dongle. It will be invaluable to you in showing you what traces are running to what components. Also a lot of the Iphone models have a specific file showing you what the traces should look like within the damaged screw hole.

Don't forget boards have multiple layers and it is very easy to drill down too far and end up looking at the 2nd or 3rd layer without realising it.
 Below is a cross section (side view) of what a typical multi-layer board can look like.


Magnification wise I find working in the region of 9x to 20x more than adequate.

Buying a bare board of the Iphone you are working on would also be helpful to practice on and they are not expensive.
I agree with Andy, this is a very complex repair and easy to mess up. You are going to need some practice. Don't expect to get it right first time as it's not going to happen.

I have done plenty of damage to multiple boards  before I had the confidence to manage a successful repair and even now, extensive screw damage is out of my league.
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Put a small amount of isopropanol on it too, makes seeing the traces a million times easier.
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