Hi All,

Just joined after browsing this morning. Some great advice & knowledge on here.

I'm fairly confident in taking things apart to replace like for like. But I'm no micro electronics wizz. Reballing or fine soldering are a bit beyond my skill set.

Anyway, I've got a iPhone 5C that got stuck searching for a signal. In my ignorance as to the issue I attempted to restore through iTunes. It's now stuck in DFU mode, restoring reaches about 75% and fails with '-1' error.
Nothing wrong at this point to attempt to reflow the baseband chip.
I've tried but it hasn't worked.

So rather than purchase a new phone I thought a logicboard swap may work.
I've browsed on ebay, but wondered if there was anywhere else worth checking out.
Or indeed if anyone has one they would be willing to sell (iCloud unlocked of course).

Thanks for your time.

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