Hi , i have a 5c here which  has a charging issue , the battery percentage jumps from say 80 % down to 30% then turns off , i changed the battery ,( tried 2 batteries )  . I have had a good look around the board for missing components around the battery connector , all seems good , i have changed the tristar chip . no change ..  the usb ammeter is showing only .2 amps at the moment although this does change from time to time but never over .8 amps .
I have also let the battery run completely down and charged,  untouched to 100 % to calibrate it ..
the phone has just come off the connect to charger symbol and is booting , started at 24% amp meter is jumping from .15 to .4 ..
any ideas ?
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Battery percentage jumping around is usually caused by bad active diode / q4 ic. It's next to u2 ic.
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Thanks for the reply , I had 2 bad batteries , I bought another new battery , and it all seems ok . 
Even though one of the bad batteries seemed to be working ok in another phone . ??
i did have the battery for quite some time though , they must deteriorate . 
It was showing a 0 charge cycle though 
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A lot of the cheaper poor quality batteries are missing or using poor quality components. There are an array of protection mosfets , fuse, gas gauge etc found in Iphone batteries and if the Iphone can't communicate with the battery properly  then your going to have problems.
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