just looking for advice on replacement battery for my old iPhone 4 (which I still use for podcasts etc, not as a phone)
would I be best getting the standard battery which comes with a tool kit, or the OEM version which does not, and is slightly more expensive.  If the OEM battery is “better” then what is the best tool kit to order with it?
Thanks :-)
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Sorry for the late reply , But it depends on the email  receive ...
let's do it - definitely the original battery

then a battery glue will be needed , here is the fifth model , but very similar to your model

alternative glue

these tools will be enough to get started
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short instruction , unscrew  phone
iphone 4s a.jpg 
disconnects battery from motherboard , remove the battery

iphone 4s.jpg 

(sorry but the model is 4s - I'm not sure )
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