Has anyone come across this issue before? Is the iPad now dangerous? 
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Ever so slightly water damaged 🙂
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That does make sense as these are used to take orders in a bar! 

Many thanks!
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I recommend to disassemble and wash ...
my experience ... IMG_1.jpg  IMG_2.jpg  IMG_3.jpg  done.jpg 

I think it's not dangerous , because it is incapable of working ...
Dangerous - if you mechanically damage the battery ...
Disassemble and wash , you heard right ... All acids must be neutralized ,
because it cannot be diagnosed at this time ... It should be well dried after washing ,
if there is hardware, equipment , it will take a couple of hours , if not, a couple of days ...
and then let's look at your problem ...
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Bit late to this. But as others have said that's liquid ingress i guess maybe something got split on it in the bar wiped off but wasn't realised it got inside to. I'd replace the battery to be safe. And if you do any micro soldering clear up any corrosion on the companets give the back plate a good clean too. Try to get rid of as my gunk and dirt as possible. Then should be good, depending on the amount of damged cuased. Once cleaned up though should degrade further. Might want to try some b7000 around the edges to help seal it some more for the customer.
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