Hi all , im having a bit of trouble with getting the home button assembly  back on a new screen of this ipad mini 4 i have here .
I  fitted a new gasket  with the home button ok but the bracket i cant seem to align it so the home button clicks , the home button does still click out of the frame , but im not sure if it's because the tape i stuck the bracket back on with is not strong enough as it does flex a bit .
Also the plastic spacer ring , i assume this fits between the home button and the bracket but does it sit on top of the flex or under it ? 
I have some of this tape
on the way ,hopefully it will be stronger than what i have here , i was thinking of also adding a few drops of hot melt glue for extra  support  , is that a good idea ? .
any advice appreciated , 
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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this. I believe that the home button should be secured in place, usually brackets are held in place by more than tape and usually come with some screws?

Adhesive should help, though we would advise caution when using this to avoid causing any damage to connections or components on the device. Liquid adhesive can be especially tricky if too much is applied.

Please let us know how you get on.
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Hi , there were no screws holding the bracket on , just the tape holding it to the back of the glass , the bracket has come off as the home button goes a long way down when pressed , 
I couldnt really get any glue on there due to cables and other parts in the way , 
i will have to take the screen off again but need to know what tape to use so that it does not come off
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