Need your help guys.

I had a cracked screen on my first generation iPad air ( perfect working order apart from crack)  removed it without issue, removed the LCD no issues and replaced it with a shiny new whole digitiser. on start up there are two vertical stripes one grey the other white about 1cm wide down the centre of the screen. I have replaced a number of similar screens so have the right tools and am fastidious and very careful on the rebuilds. that said i may have inadvertently done something wrong. i tried removing the digitiser and just trying the lcd but nothing happened, I attached my old knackered screen and there were lots of issues due to the damage but not the stripes.

help... what is happening


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Try removing the screen and checking there is nothing in the plug / socket. Other than that the screen is damaged most probably and needs replacing.
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If the old digitizer causes no issues with the lcd screen and the new one does, then the fault is with the new digitizer. 

The new digitizer may be fixable with a little kapton tape or may just need sending back for replacement.
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