Good evening, i have an ipad air 2 that was dropped on the corner and dented in around the power button. the button was jammed on and left for some time,  The dent has been pulled out and the button is now free, now the back light is not working. an image can be seen when light is shone on the screen. Is it likely that the button being held in has blown somthing on the board? Ive disconected the battery but no change. 

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It probably doesn't have anything with the button to do. 
If you didn't disconnect the battery before you disconnected the screen you may have blown the backlight. Or if you disconnected the battery and disconnected the screen to soon. 
Someone are experts on microsoldering can answer better to what to look for at the board. 
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Pull the sticker off round the connector. Next to the LCD connector you'll probably see the burn out remains of the backlight ferrites.
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