Hi All,
This is a quest for knowledge to see if anyone else has come across this issue. Before I start the iPad is still under warranty and is heading back next week. But as an engineer I don’t like not knowing the reason. 
The iPad worked fine Friday night on another lengthy Zoom meeting. Left on charge over night and in the morning nothing. Hard reset, nothing . so later connected to iTunes and it came up in recovery mode. I checked my phone and an update was there so presumed the iPad had an issue on reboot post loading update.
So I let iTunes do its thing and after a couple of try’s it recognised it and loaded a previous backup . Still no screen though. Powerful torch and found I could see the background . So I reckoned it was an power ic or screen and booked it in under warranty to be fixed.
covid has meant the pick up hasn’t been swift so have been checking it every couple of days nothing. Then last night I tried and it cam alive. I had no time to play ( another Zoom) . Saw the battery at 20% put it on charge then when I came back dead again. Does anyone have any thoughts

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Intuition is about ic . I recommend not using it un es ... There is hope that life exists ,
try this program, it will install without any problems . There have been problems with the
ipo 8 , the first installation did not help , the second time also not , after the third instalation
time it start work perfectly ... Try , I do not guarantee, but I hope ...

iPhone Ipad Ipod Watch ios tools required Win PC -

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Many Thanks Andree for replying. I have read many of your help comments and information posts and always found them interesting even from my novice point of view.
 Sadly back at work now so won’t be able to try it until I am home at weekend. I will definitely let you know how I get on. Thanks again

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Andree is the best. 

I would also agree. Sounds like something is causing power issue to the back-light.  If you have the a multi meter and the time. For edification it might be worth testing some of the board components. Or potentially and issue with the flex connector to the screen.  I would recommend ipad rehab on youtube. The team is pretty good if you can find a video on the same device and issue.

Email: tom@replacebase.co.uk
Discord: Tom (Replacebase)#8513
Reddit: u/Replacebase
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Thanks both of you.
When I came back to the iPad the following weekend the screen had come to life. The battery percentage was at 30%.
I was now able to complete the set up from the previous Backup restore point I had tried before. 
Then without turning off the iPad I plugged in and updated to the latest iOS.


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In the following week we have had no problems.
I can only think there was a problem during an update with the iPad when plugged in before. If it goes blank again I will follow both of your advice .
Thank you again
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Don't be afraid of my recommended program , it will install the original operating system
and don't be afraid to reinstall the system without backups , when you log in to your account
first backup after few days what the device will do , you will also recover previous data , photo an and and ...
The original server does not have as much information as can be found here )
 Created a video review especially for you ...
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