Hi Y'all 😉

I've heard from colleagues and screenpushers around the interwebs, that another issue following IOS update 11.3 on iP 8/+/X is, that the light sensor in the front camera (which adjusts brightness and color according to the light around it) shuts off, the very instant the phone gets opened - and will not turn on again. It's supposedly a software limitation created by Apple, which only they can turn back on again (the infamous Horizon-machine), forcing people to send their phones in if they can't live with it.

I haven't had any experience with this myself, but are very interested in hearing experiences from you all!
I think Apple is heading down a dangerous "lock-others-out" kinda road lately, and i don't understand how they are allowed. I mean, break homebutton on ip7/+ - send it in, phone cant start, you can't change it. They had the whole deal with touch on third party screens on ip6s (they solved that quick though), and now again with ip 8/+/x screens touch as well - along with this sensor-thing. Or am i wrong? I'm just waiting for a lawsuit like with error code 53 in old days 😃

Let me hear your opinions, thank you 😉
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