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Hey there, 

Happy Friday guys! 

Shanice here with some of the latest news on Apple's new iOS update!

So, Apple has managed to release an *almost* perfect version of iOS 13 yesterday (19/09/2019) - we say almost as they've had their Beta testing programme which was released to certain members of the public who signed up to test the operating system, before this was released to the general public, however, it wasn't necessarily 'complete'.

Well, now we can all see for ourselves, exciting stuff right?

Some of the key features include:

- Dark Mode - Perfect for low lighting environments and avoids a strain on the eye.

- Compatibility - The new iOS is compatible with all iPhones subsequent to the iPhone 6S and SE (yes even the nifty little SE's get to play with the big boys this time!)

- Spruced up Photos app - You're able to edit photos to a better extent by adjusting shadows, contrast and highlights. You can also control the intensity of a filter, and individually review each effect to see what the photo looked like before and after, alongside plenty more!

 - QuickPath keyboard - OK so we know this isn't brand new technology as it's something that was created by a company called Swype Inc all the way back in 2002, however, old is gold according to Apple, as they've built this technology in to their native keyboard; previously, users would've needed to download a third-party app to experience swipe typing.

- Sign in with Apple - This is a brand new innovative way to sign in to apps and websites quickly and stress free, by using your Apple ID that already exists - how convenient! They've mentioned having 'Respect for your privacy'; something that is hot on everyone's mind in this internet age by saying 'Apple will never track or profile you when you sign in with Apple. The most information you’ll have to share with an app or website is your name and email address.' Let's hope so!

There is plenty more to talk about and lots of other interesting and very useful features, but let us know what you guys think about the update, whether you're experiencing any bugs or issues so far, and most importantly, drop a comment below to let us know your favourite new feature.

Hope you all have a great weekend my fellow techies! 
Kind Regards, 
Shanice W
Customer Service Advisor
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