Rob j
Hey Everyone im Rob 

Father of 5 one who has Autism and tends to destroy stuff. 

I got into phone repairs due to him breaking my old iphone 5s screen multiple times and wanting a cheaper way to repair stuff.

I found i really enjoyed it im a hgv mechanic by trade so have always enjoyed repairing stuff

Have now repaired multiple iphones and samsungs for family members too

I love reading the forum posts and gaining new knowledge theres loads of great people on this forum sharing there knoledge so thank you to all you guys who share your knowledge 
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Screen Savers!
Hey Rob! 

I'm new to the forum so I know it was posted a while ago if your still on here!

im in the trade on HGV mechanic and a lad from work smashed his screen and I'm all for tinkering with anything I can turn my hand to love the challenge swapped his screen for him and got deeper involved and never looked back doing the spare time mechanics is a lot harder now I have a little girl of 9 months! so when she's in bed the phone repairing starts.

glad to hear someone from same background turning there hand to something different

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