Is it possible to use the HDD thermal sensor sold for the 21.5 iMac to stop the excessive fan spin when you replace a 2009 27inch iMac HDD for an SSD.

The install and clone was easy, but the excessive fan spin because of no cable being connected to the thermal sensor from the old HDD.

I will not pay OWC an excessive price for theirs!
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To prevent the motherboard or fan from becoming unusable , must make the right decision...
If you want to officially through the a p p l e , then you know what is expensive ...
Someone has experimented and achieved the desired result bypassing the official way -
and now that is the price of his work ...
You can try to solve the problem with the software ...
If that doesn't help, buy a sensor ...
If i help, then enjoy ...
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Newer models can easily solve this problem - to socket M2 install this drive
and the controller is no longer needed , and a regular hard drive can be swapped with ssd hd ...
the controller is built-in M2 nand ssd ...
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Hi Andree,

The iMac is getting sold once this crazy virus madness finishes so upgrading the HDD to an Evo 860 SSD should be enough, the fan noise is the only issue reducing the price.

Your SSD Fan Control suggestion intrigues me, so I willy happily give that a look now.

Much appreciated sir!
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Will not take responsibility for the classic nand ssd , but copies do their job ...
This applies to nand ssd ...
Sorry your model is no newer ...
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