ava gracie
I wanna start a company, That's why i have need to buy Laptops so provide me information regarding this. 
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Hi Ava,

Would you be able to confirm if you are after the laptops themselves, or are you looking for the parts for laptops to refurbish / fix these?
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Initially you need start up capital , setting up a private company requires a minimum start-up capital,
which determined by the uk rule ...

start up.jpg 


Limited companies
A limited company is a company ‘limited by shares’ or ‘limited by guarantee’.
Limited by shares
Limited by shares companies are usually businesses that make a profit. This means the company:

is legally separate from the people who run it
has separate finances from your personal ones
has shares and shareholders
can keep any profits it makes after paying tax

Limited by guarantee
Limited by guarantee companies are usually ‘not for profit’. This means the company:

is legally separate from the people who run it
has separate finances from your personal ones
has guarantors and a ‘guaranteed amount’
invests profits it makes back into the company


You need to rent a server with a personal web design - you can create your own server on your personal computer but then
You need good internet speed and good programming skills - hacker level (a couple of months of course it doesn't teach)
A computer with good parameters , good security , 24 hour work ...

Exit from this situation - need to rent a server ...
server.jpg  server2.jpg 

server 1.jpg 
web des.jpg
What will be the main thrust of your business - cooperation partners and agents ... You will not purchase from ali..exp..

You don't need a laptop - requires a stationary PC , because personal life and business have to be separated ...

If laptop will be your business - market research , and then make a decision ...

Business secrets - will depend on your experience ...

About Refurbished Laptops - and three types , Seller refurbished , Factory refurbished , refurbished outdated model ...

Seller refurbished - outdated model or compiled from incomprehensible components (unreliable option)

Factory refurbished - outdated model or new model which customers bring back (the most reliable option because the item is practically new
it is fully tested , the necessary spare parts have been replaced by new ones , it has the original packaging , but the price is lower )

Refurbished outdated model - it is new, it has an updated operating system if possible , but laptop is history ...

Everything else - will be repaired ...( Seller refurbished without original parts , original packaging - will be repaired ) ...

The official license file for windows , AIO key it doesn't work for company ... fines ...

At the beginning what would be needed ...

Remark -
A refurbished product sold by Apple is nearly indistinguishable from a new product,
aside from the packaging. Apple's refurbished products come in a plain white box with an
"Apple Certified Refurbished" guarantee and the name of the product on the front. In contrast,
Apple's retail packaging often includes eye-catching images of the product.
refur.jpg  refvs orig.jpg 

Remember, RB guarantees quality if the company has problems with quality , it's a loss, but they care about the customer ...
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