How do I tell if the new one I bought is faulty or not?

They sent me the wrong one at first for a N7105 instead of a N7100.

I did fit this and it tried to boot but stopped.

Now I have the correct one I am still getting the same problem as before. no one can hear me unless i go to loudspeak mode where i understand a different mic is used.

can anyone help please

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There is no real simple way of testing. Probably easiest way will be to just purchase another mic/charge port and see if you get the same results..
If it does turn out to be defective I'm sure RB will refund you but imho this is more likely to be a bigger problem than a faulty part. Have you looked closely for connector damage / bent pins?
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I got a magnifying glass on the pins but I could not see any problems at all.
I have checked and double checked every connection on the phone but I can't see anything wrong.

The guys at Replace base have kindly said they will send me another one.
So will wait and see if that cures it.


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I have tried another new part but it didn't work either!
Am at a loss to know what to try next.
Have you any suggestions please?

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