Hi there,


Since fitting a new screen (See link), I've had intermittent GPS signal. I'm struggling to locate diagrams/info/anything on the Internet about the GPS chip or the GPS antenna on the Huawei P9.


I wondered if you guys have access to any information that might help me? I get GPS signal 30% to 40% of the time so whatever is wrong isn't completely fatal. I guess maybe, maybe, that the GPS antenna is integral to the rear cover of the phone and one of those springy connectors that touch the rear panel when it's fitted are not contacting reliably or something, but it would really help if I could locate the exact path the antenna takes.


I took apart a Nexus 5 in the past and the GPS antenna was labelled (I'm sure it was, it was a while ago). I don't see anything similar inside the P9. Everything else works great, I'm really happy with the screen. I guess I broke something while I was in there but I am working blind here without wiring diagrams etc.

GPS worked perfectly before I took the phone apart!


Any advice, help, suggestions you can offer would be great.



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Hi Joe, I've had similar trouble with Sony Xperia Z3 full frame screen that was missing some contacts on the frame. Do you still have the old screen to check if it's missing any such contacts?
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