Hi everyone, hope someone can help! I've replaced so many screens, batteries etc in friends and families iphones, Sony, Samsung devices I took it upon myself to replace the screen and battery (and replacebase mid frame with adhesive)  in my HTC 10.

I've put it off for months, regularly watching videos online but the battery started to die so I took the plunge!!

The problem I have is the clamp that holds the flex cable in the socket on the mainboard for the capacitive buttons (and I believe) the microphone popped off while I was reassembling! I'd turned the mid frame upside down to attach the volume and power buttons and the clamp must have been open, when I turned it back over the clamp was loose on the bench! I tried to refit it with no luck, at one point as I pulled my tweezers away a peice of silver coloured metal was attached to them, I fear this could be a contact pin from the socket.

I managed to cut and a piece of the blue plastic adhesive backing to the same width as the flex and slide that in below the flex (as the contracts are on the top face) and secured the flex with tape, on testing the capacitive buttons work perfectly however the microphone does not pick up my voice when doing a voice recording, I'll have another look but ideally I'd like to have the socket replaced.

Any help or suggestions would be great!!

Thanks ever so much

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HI Paul,
Sorry for the late reply. From your description it sounds like the lever has broken off the ZIF connector connecting the main board to the charge board. If you have indeed pulled a pin(s) then this would cause issues.
This is certainly something that I could replace for you, so if you are still stuck just give me a shout.
The Micro Guys Ltd
TEL    01803 467 477
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Hi Mark 

Thanks for your reply, I'll private message you.


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