The publisher of this information hopes that Rb can make a direct purchase from the manufacturer , because we do it from dubious sources
ali... eb...etcetera ...
There are changes for the moment which applies to FX5 LCD , I think it's a cold quality copy especially FX5 InCell ...
lcd3.jpg  lcd2.jpg  lcd4.jpg 
Significant difference is with the white and green in color .
lcd green.jpg  lcd white.jpg 
Wiew through polarizing film .
lcd polar.jpg 
What it means InCell -
This assembly choice has been used on every i P h o n e until the i P h o n e X (which uses OLED technology, requiring an OnCell structure.
Like the OnCell structure, InCell assemblies are both thin and stable. An integrated touch screen panel within the LCM ensures that the
digitizer will function, even if the outside glass is broken .

There is another producer who has made himself known - HO3 ...
It claims - I Series for 6s-8 plus , lifetime warranty .
I Series for X- XS Max , and all G Series one-year warranty .
I Series – Features and Benefits
In-cell Technology

HO3 I Series screen for iPhone uses in-cell touch technology which combines the liquid crystal and touch sensing elements into a single structure.
As a result, it reduces the thickness and weight, featuring an excellent and stable display.

Outstanding Display

A more concrete display structure increases the brightness and color reproduction of the display, and thanks to the SHARP LCD and enhanced backlight
(BEF+ESR), HO3 screen yields remarkably bright and high-contrast picture.

Superb Touch

HO3 I Series for iPhone applies efficient voltage regulator IC. Assuring every touch is received and accurately react by the LCD, achieving stable and
reliable user experience.

Perfect Installation

HO3 screen for iPhone has desirable measurements, all subcomponents are well assembled, it fits perfectly on iPhone housing.

360° Polarized

You never really stop using your phone. That’s why HO3 is engineered to be readable through your polarized sunglasses at any angles.

Let's not forget the programmer !

It's not my or this company idea , the manufacturer protects his product from cheap repairs ...
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Hi Andree27,

Thanks for all the information, we have reached out to them and will see what we can do 🙂
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I am convinced of one company , I don't know about the other ...
Follow the attachments ...
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We have been in touch with H03 to see if we can look to get some samples in, I have also asked form some feedback from our ground agents in China who have hand on time with a H03 screen yesterday with the following feedback:

HO3 screen , from different eyeside , color is different, and not good as Shennai (FX5)
HO3 brightening is soft, Shennai is more sharp
HO3 Color is lighter than Original, Shennai is Deeper color than Original
HO3 Fake 3D, Shennai Real 3D

This is from a market, not direct so could have been an older version, we will try to get some direct samples and do some in house comparisons and stock if they are good standard.
Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

Need support? my team are happy to help - | 01604924700
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Hello there guys, also @Steve, I've been working with HO3 screens and the latest ones are the best aftermarket screens I could get.

I have some in stock for various models (from iphone 6 up to iphone 8 plus), let me know if you want some tests or something.

Marcelo Martins
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The official site is safer , your site can't even be found !
Thank-you !
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Hello there @Andree27,
I'm currently not selling the screens, I use them for my repairs. Although I'm available to make tests or in some remote case, get into an agreement with someone from replacebase to send one or two models.
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This company claims to use sharp technology , I am interested what is it , what is the color range - gamut ...
But no more , specially used - no ! If only someone from the workshop ... Creates a video report about this screen ,
by placing the original screen next to it , and maybe someone will be interested ...
(I'm not from the workshop, it's my hobby) ...
You won't find me on the internet because I don't have a social account ...
This is related to previous work ...

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