Hi, I’m Esa. I’m pretty new to repairing (having done it for a couple of months or so). I have been doing some repairs for family and friends, and mostly do Apple devices, but have done the odd huawei. I have also been refurbishing devices and reselling them buts it’s not much. I’m more a hobbyist when it comes to repairs, but am considering starting up a repair business. I came across replacebase a while back when looking into different places to source parts from, and made the swap to here the other day, due to the fact that i recieved quite a few statically damaged screens from my previous supplier, plus the range of parts, and tools is much better, same with the pricing. i thought I would join the forum to try and expand my knowledge of repairs, and to hopefully start learning board repairs and how to do more complicated jobs. Looking forward to hearing some tips from everyone here, and to offer what knowledge i do have, when and wherever I can. 
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