Hi.. so I specialise in android devices. I refurbish mainly Chinese tabs and TV boxes (Oh the horror!) I currently am working on a project to run a native Linux environment with retro gaming software on the popular S905x arm architecture android TV boxes. These mid powered devices cost less than £20 and make an excellent platform for an emulator arcade machine. I have been reworking the kernel for libreelec and changed the front-end to emulation station with Kodi, running the retro mania build. Would be great to see replacebase starting to offer more kits and parts for hobbie device hackers like my self. Things like the Pi and other soc's. As a farther of four kids I've found these devices useful teaching my kids how to repair micro electronic devices and identify problems so a repair job can be done. My 12 year old son made me very proud last week as he correctly worked out that the voltage regulator circuit had failed on a broken flat screen TV and did a (messy) solder job to replace burnt out parts.
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