Hi, I'm Dave.
I started getting involved in phone and tablet repair after my daughter dropped my galaxy s7! 
I enjoyed repairig it and eventually decided to try and fix a broken phone for sale on eBay. I fixed a 6S that needed a screen and battery, sold it and made a profit.
I did a few more and then fixed my girlfriend's Honor 8x. Then a colleague asked if I could sort his 6 plus.
Basically, the word is spreading, slowly...
As an android user, I started seeing recommended videos from the likes of Rossmann repair and STS Telecom.
It got me thinking, can I do that?
Well it turned out I couldn't! But I'm getting there. Just done my first successful TriStar on an iPhone 7 but I'm a long way from doing it for a customer.
As parts quality started to become important, I found Replace Base and, this forum!
I look forward to chatting with the forum members, exchanging ideas and learning new techniques.
I doubt I'll be much help to anyone but, you never know.
I have just created a little web page to advertise myself and was lucky enough to get a domain name the same as the name as I intend to trade as, DTFix. So, I can be found at http://www.dtfix.co.uk
At the moment I can only safety do screen and batteries and maybe a few plug-in components, but I will keep practicing until I can consistently repair at component level.
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Welcome to the forum and the industry.

every bit of knowledge shared may help someone else.

p.s. practice, practice, practice.
David Fear - Owner
Pickle IT - Bristol
W: http://www.pickle-it.co.uk
E: info@pickle-it.co.uk
T: 07708 200287
FB: pickleitbristol
Twitter: pickleitbristol
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Hi Dave,


Welcome. Ahh kids breaking things, must be the reasons at least 50% of the industry got in to this ðŸ˜„
Yeah there some really good channels out there. I'd recommend ipad rehab as will if you haven't seen them yet. Started with a mum whose kids flushed a phone.

A Tristan that's still a feat and to do it successfully to. I'm sure you'll get even better too. As they say practice makes perfect.


If you have an an account set up give trade@replacebase.co.uk with a link to the web sit and we can set you up with a trade account too.


Welcome to the family. 

Email: tom@replacebase.co.uk
Discord: Tom (Replacebase)#8513
Reddit: u/Replacebase
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