Cumbrian Phone Doctor

Hello everyone, I would just like to post in here to mention I am a beginner to the forum I have recently started my own business repairing electronics. I have a level 2 NVQ in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.

I do mainly parts replacements but I am learning the world of micro-soldering. 

I only use Replace Base parts for my repairs so i felt like this was the right place to come to expand my knowledge, Is there any threads anybody suggests I look at?

Many Thanks
Kieran Patience

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I would like our forum to be - if someone has a problem so they can solve it at home , publish a real solution to the problem,
because what is published on the Internet tends to be false (not always) or not checked or no answer...
Try not to publish illegal programs,key and and etc...
It's nice that you can help someone - good level of customer service (Thank-You RB) ...
Welcome our forum !
That makes me happy !
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Cumbrian Phone Doctor

Thank you Andree, I am here to play by the rules and make repairing electronics fun & simple for anyone who wants to give it a go there self's as I do fully support the right to repair movement. 



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