Hi guys, I'd like to introduce myself [smile]

I'm a 21 year old IT student from Croatia. I started repairing PC's when I was 11, but that was mostly switching components and manipulating it's content. As time moved on, I began fixing PC's for all my friends and started disassembling laptops. When I started high school, I got my first iPhone 3G. In no time, the iPhone needed a new battery so I decided to replace it myself. As years passed by, a new iPhone model was released every year and I was getting more complex issues on devices I've never used or opened up before. By the time iPhone 6 had been released I was fixing all the iPhone series, some older Android devices and a failed attempt at replacing an HTC display assembly (I failed assembling it back together, the display was screaming for 1 mm). Currently, the last iPhone series I've disassembled is the 6S.

I tried replacing Samsung parts (S7 Edge in particular) using a hair dryer. The result was me breaking the front and back glass even more, but I needn't have cared as they were broken in the first place.

I'd never done motherboard soldering and I don't really have anyone to teach me, nor the tools to attempt it or the money to buy it. 
My sources are mostly based on conclusions I make comparing the error on the phone to the fix I applied. In terms of putting the devices in pieces, I saw a few YouTube videos on how to disassemble devices I needed to, but hadn't confronted before.

I'm looking forward to posting some of the repairs on forum, and hope to get your feedback on what I'm doing wrong, or simply if I have a wrong understanding of some things. 

Andrea [smile]
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Welcome to the forum
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Thank You 😉
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Thank You 😌
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