Hi all,

I'm Helen. A bit of a n00b to repairing phones. My interest began a few years ago when I started replacing batteries and cracked screens in iPhones and iPads for friends and family.

I am currently on a mission to get a sad iPhone XS back up and running but I am currently rather stuck, so hoping to get some advice on this forum. I am determined not to call time of death on it just yet.

Nice to meet you all 😊

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Hello Helen !
Each model has its own characteristics, as repairing this model usually requires some tools ...
1. Motherboard soldering desoldering tool for this model , can be universal for many models...
problem with contacts , for motherboard needed reballing ...
 ( And it's not just a power-up issue ) ...

TOOLS X3.jpg 

TOOLS X.jpg  TOOLS X1.jpg  TOOLS X2.jpg 

2. BGA Reballing Stencil...
3. Solder paste , low soldering temperature melting point 138℃ ...
4. Soldering flux ...
You can't buy everything here , but ... the future maybe ...
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Hi Helen,

Hats off to you. Happy to help in any way I can.

You managed to diagnose the problem at all. Whats the symptoms of the patient phone?  Let's fix this phone ðŸ˜·ðŸš‘

Email: tom@replacebase.co.uk
Discord: Tom (Replacebase)#8513
Reddit: u/Replacebase
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Thanks, Tom!

I will start a new thread in a more relevant place. I would love to get your thoughts on it. 👍
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