Hi to all. My name is Jose and I run a phone repair business in the Algarve - Portugal. 
I have been in the electronic business for over 30 years. Originally from Sony, repairing audio and video equipment. Because of times ( am sure those in the business understand this ) I had to branch out. Something I did 4-5 years ago, adding to my repair list phones and beauty laser machines.
I repair mainly apple equipment, added to that the samsung and the rest of the makes out there that are worth repairing.
I want to congratulate the replace base team for this great idea in forming a group to help each other and at the same time thank them for inviting me.
I will undoubtly help any member where possible.
Skype - Zepinto4
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Great to see you on the forum Jose!

Im glad you like the forum idea! I really hope it will grow into a great resource and hub for everyone!

Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

Need support? my team are happy to help - | 01604924700
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