Ok my question is , 
If someone has used super glue on the home button shield behind it , 
Would would you recommend too remove the glue within damaging or effecting the paint on the iPad glass ? And what is the method you use ?
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Hair dryer maybe or take it to a shop 
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In home conditions - with hair dryer , soldering gun , construction heat gun ... Warm up the screen you've already removed ...
Warm up place where it is located home button cable (from the front lcd ) ... After that , try to remove it using plastic tools ,
or not sharp (blunt) metal tools ... Do not damage the cable ... On new screen glue not required , because there is already glue on the cable ...
Reduce the effectiveness of the glue , press it with your fingers ... Next repair not getting problems , ninety percent the cable holds the
bracket ...
Summary - do not use glue , the home button is one for life ...
                   i understand it is not i p a d , but the basics are similar...
If there is such a variation - then use a sharp knife ...


Buy the necessary glue here

Glue2.jpg  Clean if necessary - use medical alcohol or personal perfume...

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