Hello all,

I’m a complete amateur trying to save money by fixing things myself. I’ve managed to repair 3 joycons with no problems but I’m struggling with the game card slot.

I’ve tried two different replacement parts (cheap, eBay) of the same type: the game slot with the headphone socket on the same board, and both had the same issue where the touchscreen started experiencing phantom touches which made it unusable. I assume it’s an issue to do with where the digitiser ribbon connects to the board? I don’t know, I’m pretty clueless. So I see replacebase sell the cartridge slot alone but how do you even remove the old one and connect the new one to the board? It looks like some sort of specialist soldering job and I don’t stand a chance. 

*Any* advice would be much appreciated. We miss playing our games during this lockdown 🙁


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There are two problems - the most common problem is Game card slot reader faulty ,
                                            motherboard problem ...


Try hard reset or factory reset , don't help - card slot reader faulty ,

small chance as a problem in motherboard , but it exists ...
The biggest problem is to get high quality card slot reader copies ...
With nokia touch screens is the same , low quality copy works very poorly , find high quality copies ...
I assume you have a low quality copy , it would be good if you can see the comments when buying ...

        Micro SD Card Reader Port - don't confuse it with Game card slot reader
        ( this part is not here - RB )
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Hi, thanks so much for the reply. I phrased my original post badly, sorry. What I should’ve explained was that with the new components that I tried, both of them had fully working game slot and read the games perfectly, but they would render the touchscreen unusable. I ended up putting my old component back in as the touchscreen works with that. Having read reviews of these cheap components online, I understand this issue is quite common. Ideally I’d like to source one from a reputable dealer in the uk, but seemingly can’t get hold of one right now.

The only other option I can think of is to desolder one of the game readers that works and solder it to my old board, but I don’t rate my chances! Might have to wait for lockdown to finish and send it to an expert.

Thanks again!
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I understood your question , I tried to make you understand - that using bad copies
the consequences are unpredictable , unintended consequences may occur ...
In theory, some of the original board chips are no longer in order , I allow (think)
that the largest chip needs to be bga reballing ( microsoldering )...
Do not experiment with copies, repair original , parts from copies ...
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Thanks again for taking the time to reply. I think I’m going to have to concede defeat on this one!
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I can see that you are at a dead end , is another company that is responsible for its operations ,
when i get stuck i check the information through this company ... I have always solved the problem ,
well, if they can't help, then no one can ... ( because we do it from dubious sources who is do not want
to take responsible ali... eb...etcetera ...) You can contact them before making a transaction ,
you may be able to repair the original , but the fact that they can be relied on ... (this applies to rare parts)

If repair it , let me know ...

See the attachment ...
I wish success !
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