Following a battery replacement  by our local phone shop the top righthand corner of the screen has lost its navy blue colour as though it has become detached from the layer beneath the screen. It is only a small but annoying area starting from the top right hand corner measuring about 3cm by 7mm, across the top of the screen and down the right hand side of the screen measuring about 2cm by 2mm. Does anyone have any idea how to re-stick this portion of the screen so that the damaged area regains its colour?
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If there is a way to get to the vacuum chamber , It can help 90% ...
The second option - with a syringe needle fill in uv glue , and place it under the UV lamp , It can help 85% ...
And the third option - replace the screen (safety glass ...completely remove it and stick it again ) , It can help 100% ... Vacuum chamber...
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the screen. As Andree has already said, if a screen is separating you will need some let to restore it as the lcd and digitizer are normally laminated together in a factory using UV glue. Often you will need to vacuum pump this to remove any bubbles otherwise it can lift or cause touch issues.

I would assume you don't have these tools as you took the phone itself to a repair shop.

So I would suggest either taking it the shop to see if they are able to fix. Or if the screen is from us just pop us an email with some photos and we can look into it further and hopefully sort you out 😃


Discord: Tom (Replacebase)#8513
Reddit: u/Replacebase
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