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So difficult to remove the rear glass without breaking it, any tips?

Had a S6 on the repair bench today for a glass only repair, which in itself is as fragile as eggshells, thankfully all went to plan. However i just can not seem to remove the rear glass without breaking it.

I use my hot plate to warm the back up, I've tried my thin metal opener tool, playing cards, business cards, suction cups etc but just can not seem the get anything thin and strong enough to do the job.
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I just factor in the cost of a back just in case, makes life easier
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Quin Mobile Repair
We already do, just always a bit gutting breaking something to have to fix it again.

I guess you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette... 
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We use heat and a suction cup on the bottom (near the text section) - this usually give us a slight enough gap to get an iFlex in - if you haven't already get an iFlex they are greatly for Samsung and Sony rears.

The only down side is that you can really easily chip the pain form the inside of the case using the iFlex, it take a few attempts to get it perfect. 
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MACH Computers
Any handsets that I repair that have glass backs, mainly the aforementioned Samsung and Sony handsets, simply have the cost of a new rear glass factored in. That said i don't go in with the intention of not keeping the original glass, but in the event that it does chip or crack, a replacement glass is already on hand ready.
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Quin Mobile Repair
Managed it this morning [thumb]

sharpened the tip of my isesame and it worked a treat, however I did manage to slice into my finger as is that sharp now.
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Apply a lot of heat then pry the back off with a Stanley knife. However warn the customer that the back cover is sacrificial and fixing later model Samsung's is like trying to peel an egg without breaking the shell.

I take my hat off to those who can remove and refit the glass screen consistently without damaging the LCD.
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