I replaced the smashed touchscreen assembly on my Galaxy S5 (G900F) a few months back.  Now I have an issue with a zone near the bottom of the screen  (just above the bottom - about 10mm tall - exactly where Android places the context buttons...) responding erratically or not at all. Using the built in diagnostic tool I can see the pointer doesn't follow my finger - flying off in another direction. Turning on touch pointers in the Developers menu shows up to 5 touch points in this area - though nothing is touching the screen.

Has anyone come across this before and it's there any resolution other than to replace the screen assembly again? 

Many thanks in advance,
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Unfortunately from the description you have written your best bet is to fit another screen as the one you have fitted is either faulty or has been damaged during the repair. Normally when a part of the touch screen does not work it is either a faulty screen or you have damaged the flex cable.
Try a new screen and let us know how it goes.
It is unusual it worked for a few months and then this issue appeared, has it been dropped? I would try reconnecting the connections first and see if the problem occurs.
Thanks, Lewis
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I've had the same problem.  My kids' fingers seem to work better than mine.  I haven't noticed the pointer thing.  It's just when facebook wants me to click send which is at the bottom of the screen.  It works eventually after about 10 to 20 goes.  I did fit another screen to an S5 which I bought at the same time.  That worked ok for a bit but the phone has software issues, kept overheating and is currently caught in a boot loop.

(I'm not a professional I'm a very experience tinkerer!) 
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