Dear Sirs

I bought the replacement power button - which fits.

however, it still does not work.

I suspect that there is a metal strip missing behind the power button which makes contact with the contacts on the main power board.

Could you please let me know if this can be sourced?
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If you do not disassemble , and you have not lost that part , then it is repairable ...
The problem with this model is - contacts for the cable to the motherboard ...
You can clean and you can coat with tin ...

What I found with us - Motorola Nexus 6 button , probably not for you ...

Just for you in America , Canada or China ...
But I repeat the contact problem if you did not break this flex ...
Contacts is a disease of this model ...
I found the UK
Or helped you ?

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Hi their.


Please let us know if Andree fix has worked or not. If you do have a fault with a part please email us at and the team can look into this and resolve for you 😃

Discord: Tom (Replacebase)#8513
Reddit: u/Replacebase
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