Hi Guys,

We have been talking to the guys at DottorPodX and it seems fake iSesamos are a big problem at the moment, especially form Chinese Sellers on Amazon.

I knew that you could get knock offs that look very similar (in looks) but last week we came across some out and out counterfeit iSesamo that look like the old version of the iSesamo (when they were first released)

I have put together a little collection to just let everyone know what to look our for.

I have:

  • Genuine iSesamo (Replacebase branded)
  • Knock off, ironically branded 'Unlimited Innovation' - model HH-5A
  • Counterfeit inseam (iSesamo branded)

The worst by far is the knock off, the metal is very cheap soft metal that just bends, the edges and sides are really rough - I would not trust this on a metal cased device, I could just see this scratching the hell out of anything it goes near, the metal look like it will rust over time and the business end is not curved.

The counterfeit one is made form a better metal, it still doesn't retain its shape as well as the original but its not far off. The metal is again very rough and pitted on the edges and the shape on the business end is not rounded. The handle on our counterfeit one wasn't glued on well and started to peel off leaving a horrible stickily mess on the handle - it also had a typo "MADE INITALY" and not "MADE IN ITALY"

On both the knock off and counterfeit iSesamo the handles were off white (the original is a nice bright white) the Counterfeit also had a type "MADE INITALY" and not "MADE IN ITALY"

Don't be tempted by the knock offs, they are cheap for a reason, for less than a fiver for a tool you will use over and over again make sure you get a genuine one!

IMG_0666.JPG  IMG_0667.JPG  IMG_0668.JPG  IMG_0669.JPG  IMG_0670.JPG  IMG_0674.JPG  IMG_0675.JPG 

We get all DottorPodX tools direct from DottorPodX, if you want to get one from another supplier double check the DPX website to make sure they are authorized.

Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

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Okay, just to add my thoughts on this.

We purchases a few iSesamo's not long after they hit the market. They all came from the same reputable supplier who I have no reason to believe would sell counterfeits.
I only have two of them on my desk at the moment but the first thing noticeable is that they both have unique serial numbers. The serial number on your counterfeit S/N:7583A/C seems to be on numerous iSesamos's looking at an image search on the web.

The second difference is in the shaped pointed blade. The counterfeit is very angular compared to mine which are a lot more rounded.

Also The letter "a" in iSesamo on the counterfeit has a distinct tail edge to it where as the ones we have have straight down stems.

Lastly the "Made In Italy" typo seems to be on the original as well, although I think this is maybe due to a very tight font with very little spacing between words. It appears to be more obvious on the counterfeits where the space between the two words has been omitted.

The Micro Guys Ltd
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Bu**er;  I paid good money for my 'iFixit' branded iSesamo's.  Just checked and they were all made initaly ;-(  If the replacebase ones are genuinly better then I had better order some.


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Didn't know the typo was also on the originals [smile]

All genuine iSesamos are great, the ones we have are the latest one so a little better then previous versions but not much in it.

If you haven't already i would get an iFlex however, Our iFlex has almost replaced the iSesamo, great for getting Sony and Samsung rear panels off! any phone with glued on parts made within tight tolerances the iFlex is best for hands down. 
Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

Need support? my team are happy to help - | 01604924700
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MACH Computers

I'll make a note to add an iFlex to my next order.

I can't remember how I obtained one, but I have one of the HH-5A tools which has been knocking around for a while. Every part of it feels weird compared to my genuine iSesamo - so much so that its been demoted to my RC tool box.

Chris - Owner
MACH Computers Kent

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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
I just got a new Isesamo, dont like it.  The tip is not sharp enough to open a iphone, will have to sharpen it myself.  Old Isesamo is still my favourite goto but its wearing out lol.  I also purchsed the Jakemy opener but not keen on the bulky handle, think I may grind this down to only just fit into the side of a ipad so no danger of accidentally touching the LCD.  Also just tried the Jakemy roller, no use at all for a iPad or iPhone however may come in handy for something.  All cheap enough to just have in my tool kit.
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Sounds like you would be better off with the iFlex to be honest, they are much thinner, we use these much more than the iSesamo at the moment. 
Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

Need support? my team are happy to help - | 01604924700
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
I have 1 of these too, I hardly use it, I agree deffo thinner just bulky.  All tools just get gummed up so easily with glue, I have to constantly scrape off with a blade.  I dont really cut the adhesive on a iPad, I lever the screen with iSesamo.  up I think im just so used too original iSesamo and the way I work.  all tools purchased from your good selves so all genuine.
    Also noticed the new iSesamo bends & stays bent when the original does not.  I just levered a 5C battery out on a heat pad wit the new iSesamo and just isnt quite as strong (bends a bit too easy) compared to the older ones. 
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