Screen Savers!

anybody else get requests for different coloured or themed iPhones ? I have done a few housing swaps to various different colours even had engraving and anodising done to 1 or 2. 

just wondering if anyone else has this I know replace base do the standard colours but people want different colours I don't know if this is something they can get hold of ? also the ones they already supply do not come with the apple logo on, where I find that gives the phone a more cleaner, sleek look some people prefer to keep the apple logo on the back and for people that want different colours plus a glowing apple logo haven't done one yet but have a couple on order to experiment with as have been asked if possible where I like to make anything possible!! 

eBay have housings in all sorts of colours with the apple logo but quality isn't always great but will do is this something for the future?? let me know your thoughts.

new to the furom!
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