So my iPhone 7 is still working but with very few features (I am using it to write this so safari and my 4g connection still work).

The story begins that I initially had a problem where it kept asking for my password to sign in to my iCloud to regain services after I restarted my phone, I also had problems where it would not login to any wifi. To try and fix this I determined it was the long range wifi antenna, upon inspection, one of the screws that holds the bracket on was just spinning and did not push down on the bracket creating a solid connection. I replaced the bracket and the phone kept working but the same problem kept happening intermittently, a little hit of the phone in the top right corner where the bracket is and a restart seemed to fix it every time. One of the other problems was that it would log me out of all my accounts on my phone including, Facebook, Instagram and many of my apps would simply crash as soon as they start up.

Now skip to a couple of days ago, it happened again, this time Bluetooth was saying unavailable and my wifi wouldn’t connect, the old hit it a couple of times and restart didn’t work, so I took it apart and found the screw had completely fallen out of the bracket and was loose inside the phone. I put it back in and this didn’t fix the problem at all, I have replaced the bracket as well with a new one but still no luck, I believe it is a board level problem, any ideas as to what the problem could be would be appreciated, I am past the point of fixing it now, I am upgrading to as XS Max in a couple of days as my upgrade was due anyway, for now I am stuck with a phone that every app crashes and the camera barely works all because of a wifi problem? Sorry for the long post but it is a very bizarre issue that I don’t think anyone has had before!
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Do not recognize passwords -This usually happens after an update or maybe after you’ve restored your iPhone.
Your iPhone keeps asking for the Apple ID password.
Nothing is downloading; there are no wrong passwords; there’s no problem with your account.
And yet you keep getting this pop-up which makes life unbearable with the iPhone.
It’s usually a case of failed downloads which aren’t directly visible on the home screen.
Sometimes it’s a problem with your account settings:
either in iCloud or iMessage/FaceTime or in the App Store. Fix this possible.
fix iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password Issue -
Reboot your iPhone . Give it a go before going for radical steps.
After your device has rebooted, you may get the Apple ID password popup again.
Simply enter it one last time and you are done ...
return again!
Sign out of Apple ID and Sign Back In
Still getting that annoying popup? Trying signing out of your Apple ID and signing back in.
The fresh start might troubleshoot the problem.

1. Open Settings app on your iOS device → Apple ID banner.
2. Scroll down and tap on Sign Out. Enter your Apple ID password and select Turn Off.
3. Next, you can choose to keep a copy of your data on this iPhone or remove it. Keep the data on the device.
To do so turn on the toggles next to Calendars, Contacts, Reminders, and Safari. Then, tap on Sign Out and confirm.
does not help....
Try Reactivating Your iMessage and FaceTime
If things are still the same, you’re probably going to have to check out iMessage and FaceTime under Settings.
Both iMessage and FaceTime use your Apple ID even if you’re not using these services (but have them turned on).
There might be some problem with the account information or activation.

Try turning these off . If it works, then Ok ! You’ve fixed the source of the issue.
Re-activate iMessage and FaceTime with your correct Apple ID and password. (Settings → Messages/FaceTime)
No Respite As Yet ? Reset Your Device to Factory Settings...

If not working Bluetooth - wifi antenna .
Phone dropped , Looks like it is motherboard problem .
Not login to any wifi - wifi ic chip .

In this Video Damaged iPhone 7P LCD
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