Hi guys - I'm considering ordering all the parts required to build a Nintendo Switch from scratch - would you say all the parts are listed to be able to do this? Would you say it is achievable? 
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Yes, no problem - there are two limitations , Motherboard and Game card slot reader is yours ...
Game card slot reader - it is a game of happiness , because the copies are not 100 percent working ,
happens that you have to buy is three to four units Game card slot reader until one works ...
The rest is not a problem , consumer protection works in our store , I wish success !

Read this post ...

Parts for you ...

It will help you ...

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Hi thanks for the reply would:

Not be okay as a cardreader? I've also noticed a cardreader with Aux slot port on the parts listed?
In terms of the motherboard any idea where I may be able to source this? Or if you could possibly bundle all the required parts together for me?

Bit of a novice - fancy learning a new project!
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Sorry just re-read your message - do you mean the card readers would work but are unreliable so I may need to exchange parts if that is the case?
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There are changes , this part can be obtained from us - Game card slot reader ... Then no problem ...
Game card slot reader and micro sd card slot reader - These are two different things ...
Your part is required micro-soldering experience ...
Motherboard - not available from my sources ...
What can I recommend to you - you need to know a lot about this console ...
If there is an option to buy cheap you can do it , you will at least have a body ,
later got a motherboard ... If it is cheap then it is a problem , it is banned ...

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You are unable to connect to an online service and you receive the error code 2124-4007 or 2124-4508.Error Message:
The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo.

What to Do:

This error code indicates that the Nintendo Switch console you are using has been permanently banned from connecting
to the internet due to a breach of the user agreements.A breach of user agreements may include, but is not limited to, activities
such as:
Fraudulent or unauthorised transactionsViolation of the Code of Conduct )

May not be successfully hac hac hac Firmware ... Since there is no secret to that success, it receives a lot of bonuses ...

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