Hi everyone, I'm looking to get into the phone repair market. I have basic knowledge of phones and how they work, I tinker with roms all day and I want to get in to the nitty gritty part of the devices.

I have all the gear (except a hot play, I use a heat gun) 

Any advice on how to begin?

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Hi and welcome, Get some broken phones and practice on them before moving on to customer phones
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Welcome. Yes I agree with Bytesize, deff. try your skills on some broken phones. Added to that seek for tips on this form before attempting a job. 
All the best
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
Welcome, I agree with the others.  Changing screens & most repairs can be easy if done right, certain phones have certain booby traps that could cost you dearly.  EG not disconnecting the battery on a screen repair on a iPad mini or iPhone 6S will blow certain circuit board components.  iPhone 6S & 7 have adhesive as well as screws holding the screen in, easy to crack on removal.  Use IFIXIT & youtube to study and study some more.  Get a note pad and write down all the usefull tips.  If just playing with your own phone you can afford mistakes.  Customer phones have to be right and done quick.  Customers have a habbit of asking for a certain repair but thats not the problem so I advise you keep all parts of all phones you repair in stock, most parts are pretty cheap.  If your going to do phone repairs, do it right and invest in the parts/tools.   
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Hi and welcome to the forum,
I would second what Andy says. Before you can move to the practical side of repairs you need to learn about the phones you are looking at fixing. Iphones for example don't all come to pieces the same way. Ifixit produce repair guides for most mainline phones and you will find this an invaluable tool in the methods involved. Then search youtube for the same model and see for yourself how its done. At this point you should then know if repairing phones is the thing for you.
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