A question to all you component level wizards out there. On apple products of all kinds, phones and ipads. When you change the backlights is it possible to get brighter ones ? I am asking because the drone flying fraternity are being forced to buy CrystalSky screens for their drone flying in bright sunlight. Most use apple ipads/phones but they are half the brightness(450 nits) compared to the CrystalSky units that are 1000nits and one is even 2000nits. 
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I am not aware of any screen than the one that was designed for it, I'm afraid what you see is what you get
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If you put an iPad 5 screen onto an air you can make it brighter, ifixit did a parts interchangeability article on it and noted this. Other than that if you took an led out of the backlight and bridged it it'd probably push more current through the others. In theory if you added a bigger inductor and cap in the backlights circuit it may make it brighter.
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