I have tried repairing a few people's S5s with replacement screens of eBay from various manufacturers. These are about 30.00 each but they have the following failings.

They are about 1mm too thick, as they use conventional LED rather than Super AMOLED, so they don't fit in the frame, the edges can't stick down on the tape, as there is insufficient contact surface. The holes for the camera and proximity sensor also don't line up due to the extra distance.

They don't do touch hovering, as the touch sensor is bonded to the front glass and can't be separated even with a screen slicer.

They can't do adaptive screen tone as the brightness can't be controlled.

I know I can't expect the Earth for just 30.00, but then I find that ReplaceBase are knocking out non-OEM versions for 50.00. So, what's the difference ? Is it worth paying the 20.00 extra, or are they no better than the eBay knock-offs ? I'd pay 30.00 if I weren't fussy, and 120.00 for a Samsung genuine one, but 50.00 seems such an intermediate price, I thought I might be missing something.

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Thanks for getting in touch, in regards to your question, we cannot really speak for other suppliers or sellers products or their quality or prices.

The prices of our parts are based on the cost of ordering our parts in, we usually make a very slim profit on screens as we do like to keep the prices competitive with the quality still remaining very high.

The non-OEM parts will still be functionally the same as the original parts, there can be some slight differences in appearance, but once on the device should function just the same without any of the issues you have listed above.

I hope this helps!
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